I am Aleccia , self-taught artist from South Carolina. My craft is built around black culture around the globe, expressing through nature, beautiful places and beautiful figures. I use mixed medias on all painting, sculptures, and other handcraft objects. I am currently attending Savannah College of Art and Design for my Major and Minor degree in Graphic and Interior Design in hopes for after I graduate, I will own a studio design firm. I paint on anything that I desire and love making a mess through progress. I do not limit myself as a creator I can do all things that come to mind, whether it is graphics, paintings, sculptures and other things. I continue to inspire myself to get into things that I may find challenging. - Saffy Veiox
  Saffy Veiox is my artist/business name.  Saffy Veiox gives me a persona that help connects with all my paintings. It's a name that I have given myself for 6yrs. Saffy Veiox defines the word "Create".  A Vision of a Work of Art. Finding the beauty in something that you may not find appealing. It is my comfort persona.