It all about texture and details when it comes to her paintings. Aleccia W. born and raised from South Carolina perfecting her craft on anything that she can touch. Her craft is built around black culture around the glob expressing through nature, beautiful places and beautiful figures. She is a oil based painter that sometimes like to poke her brush with water color, gouache, and acrylic paint. Although her hobby turned into her career, Aleccia is attending Savannah College of Art and Design majoring in Graphic Design in hopes to own her on Gallery/Design firms once she graduates. She loves to bring her visions into reality on canvas, but she also love to create or re-create brand identity, exploring typography, 3D modeling and packing. 
She is limitless, creating anything on anything making a mess through process, in her favorite blue jean shirt from her moms pregnancy. She sculpts, paint, design and continue to find things that interest her. She continues to inspire her even if its challenging.
  Saffy Veiox is my artist/business name.  Saffy Veiox gives me a persona that help connects with all my paintings. It's a name that I have given myself for 6yrs. Saffy Veiox defines the word "Create".  A Vision of a Work of Art. Finding the beauty in something that you may not find appealing. It is my comfort persona.  -Saffy Veiox