I am now taking commissions for painting or graphic design until august 29th. Please read below the guidelines and requirements. For any questions I am available Sunday-Friday 1-12am EST. time. 


Starting Price List for paintings - 

16x24in - Stretch Canvas / Flat Canvas / Framed Canvas


18x24in - Stretch Canvas / Flat Canvas / Framed Canvas


27x30in- Framed canvas only 


24x36in - Framed canvas


24x26in - Stretch Canvas


30x40in - Framed Canvas


30x40in - Stretch Canvas


36x36in - Framed Canvas


36x48in - Framed Canvas








Your First and Last Name (For shipping and to organize your items from other commission)

Description of what you want and how you want. My goal is to bring your vision to life.

PLEASE PUT IMAGES/REFERENCE IN A FILE. if you have more than 2.

Please view below for example of how you should send your email to make sure everything organizable and understandable. For custom work it depends on what it is and the size It will take me 2-6 weeks to complete, therefore please make sure that you send me your commission as soon as possible and please don’t rush art. This is for you and will become a part of you.



For printing sets, I do different sizes. For instances if you order a set of prints that says 13x17in, it will come in different sizes which include the first pieces being 13.50 x 17.50, the the second piece being 13.20 x17.20in and the last one being 13x17in which is the original size. If you have any question please let me know 

  • Oil, 18x24in, 2022

  • Oil, 18x24in, 2021

  • Water Color and Oil, 18x24in, 2020

  • Oil, 18x24in, 2020